Leather cover with custom design monogram burned into the surface using a stencil. Cover is machine stitched into leather. Book is bound with two 20 page signatures. The first signature is the the diary, the rest of the pages are blank for the family to add their own photos and memoirs. A transcription of the handwritten memoir was inserted for easier reading.
Nine photos were printed on photo glossy paper and added in with archival photo corners. The handwriting was scanned in from notebook paper and printed on a 65 lb. cover sheet. The two signatures were bound in using a 3 hole stitch.
Stories were written about Frank the Mule and Alonzo the Turkey King.
15 pieces of the author's jewelry were used on each of the 15 copies.
Three different colors of leather were used. The leather was upcycled from furniture sample remnants.
All 15 of the finished journals.
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