This poster is based on a family amusement park, Jenner's Educational and Zoological Amusement Park, which was located in Loup City, Nebraska from 1900-1942. It featured animals, rides and many curiousities from around the world. The broadside is a first in a series that will highlight some of the exhibits and stories from the park. King the white pony, was a popular fixture who lived for 36 years at the park. When he died, the local paper ran an article announcing it.
The printing of the letterpress broadside is meant to reflect the technology of the time, letterpress using wood and metal type, as if it were a real advertisement for the park. 
Final print, letterpress and linoleum ink. 14 x 22 inches.
Sketches for the poster
Family photo used as reference. This is not King and I don't know who is on the horse as no one has been able to identify it other than it was found in our family photo collection.
selecting 4 inch display type
rough layout to judge spacing
transferring sketch to linoleum block
proof taken to check progress of image
2nd proof taken on Showcard proof press
proof with type to plan layout
type set in chase. found different type as the original Helvetica wasn't appropriate for the time period. The poster would have been from the 20s and Helvetica wasn't designed until the late 1950s.
added a star
experimenting with color combinations
Sketches for poster series
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